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SafeCracker Slots

3 Reel Single Payline Bonus Progressive Jackpot Slots

Safecracker Slots

SafeCracker Slots is a Three Reel Single Line Progressive Slot that offers players a real chance at winning the jackpot. SafeCracker Slots is a great Playtech Slot Game themed around breaking the code to open the safe. You must obtain three keys while betting max  in order to get to the Bonus Round where you be given 10 boxes to open. There are 7 boxes with prizes in them and three that will sound an alarm and cause the Bonus Round to end. To win the Progressive Jackpot, you must be betting max coins ( 3 coins are max ) and line up three bundles of cash on the pay line.

SafeCracker Slots can be played at any of your favorite Playtech Casino or pick from the casinos listed below.

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