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A Winning Roulette System

When it comes to popular casino games, Roulette will no doubt be on the top of the list. Whatever part of the world you are in, casinos will be offering Roulette and of course one of the biggest sources of income on their part. What’s with Roulette that it draws too much attention as well as players? The main reason is that this game is quite simple to understand and play plus it offers a variety of betting options as well as payouts to players.

Casinos do have a Roulette system and eventually they become the huge money-makers. Often, the odds are always on the side of the casino. Therefore, players will have lesser chance tof a win win and pay out more money towards the casino. There are two famous Roulette systems that are known - American and European Roulette. The American Roulette system has 38 numbers while the European Roulette has 27 numbers.

By the mere fact that Roulette systems are most often in favor of the casino, this isn’t something to be worried about. There are ways in order to win at Roulette. You need to remember that, the European Roulette systems do give more favor to the casino while the American Roulette gives favor to players.

If you have been playing Roulette and have tried different types of betting systems, it is now time to place the odds in your favor. The process is quite simple actually, all you need is to understand the game which is purely based on logic. Also, this does not entail a higher risk of losing your money in the process. If your target is to have as many outcomes and increase the possibility of a win, you are sure in a good Roulette system. When it comes to Roulette with low risk system, payout would be 3 to 1. The odds will be around 63.16% favoring the player, this is for American Roulette. The odds will be 64.86% for European Roulette.

This is how the system works. If you are placing two dozen or 24 bets with equal amounts you are betting for 24 numbers in total which is about 60% of the total numbers in a Roulette system. Chances of losing will be around the range of 35.13% to 36.84% which is lower in contrast to a Column bet. Say for instance, if the number that you put your bet on is the winning number and it does fall on one of the 24 numbers that you have bet on, then you will receive a total of 3 credits from the 2 credits wagered.

To clearly illustrate the concept, it's like this - if you decide to put a bet of $10 for numbers 12-23 and $10 for 24-35, if the winning number is one of the numbers you bet on, you would then receive your $10 plus a further $10 for the win. It is quite obvious that you will not win huge amounts, but your chances of winning is by far higher compared to other systems you are going to apply.

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